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Need help regarding setting up the Corsair Scimitar for general gaming.


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So recently I have purchased the Corsair Scimitar as a little gift to myself, but need some help on setting it up for use in my gaming.


I figured out / know how to set it up for different macros/actions, but whenever I am in an actual game (SMITE or Warframe for example) the game does not register the keys on my mouse at all, and I could not find a decent / recent explanation as to why this is.


If it wouldn't bother any of you too much could you explain what I was possibly doing wrong or how to make games recognize the mouse's number pad?

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It's not you. Corsair is only good at making product concepts. None of the stuff they make is actually fully functional as advertised.


Literally the only reason you are paying double is for the mechanical side keys, which does no good since it doesn't actually work properly.


Don't just take it from me though. Browse other threads on this same forum on the Scimitar or look at reviews on other consumer sites like Amazon and you'll see.

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