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RMA Question - K95 LEDs Dead


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I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like a giant idiot but I've done some reading and I am still confused. So I purchased a "Corsair Gaming K95 Mechanical Keyboard with Back-Lit White LED, Cherry MX Red (CH-9000081-NA)" through Amazon in April. At this point, most of the LEDs are dead so I've had the lights turned off in attempt to pretend that it isn't so sad. I can't do it anymore.. the lights were a lot of why I purchased the keyboard. It's no longer eligible for return via Amazon so I was wondering how the RMA process works and if I am still allowed to do that directly through Corsair if I had purchased through Amazon.

I love everything about the keyboard but this LED thing is killing me. I just want to get it fixed.. even if it is just for a little bit as most people are saying they still lose LEDs shortly after the RMA process. All of the products I buy at this point are Corsair so the concept that the LEDs die a lot is super annoying but not going to deter me from the product.


Thanks for your time,


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It's really simple how it works:


You make a ticket on the Corsair support site (corsair.secure.force.com), tell them the situation about your keyboard. They ask you to provide a receipt (in this case, the Amazon receipt of you buying the keyboard) so they'll see if it's still under warranty.


When the RMA goes through, they'll give you instructions to send the keyboard to Corsair. Be aware though that you may have to pay the postage yourself since Corsair doesn't provide a pre-paid shipping label by default. (In my case tho, the support rep was kind enough to give me a prepaid label due to high shipping costs from Finland.) You'll send the product to Corsair, when it arrives there, the replacement is sent to you.


If you'd like, you can opt for an express RMA method. In this case, a hold (the amount of your keyboard's price) is placed on your credit card, and the replacement product is sent to you ASAP. After this, you'll have about 10 days to send the defective product back to Corsair. For this method though, you'll have to contact Corsair via phone or Skype since it's not available online.


Tell me if you need more info, I'll be more than happy to help. :)

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