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Void Wireless Not Working Properly with Windows


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Greetings and Merry Christmas!


I have a Corsair Void Wireless headset that I can not get Windows to properly work with. I had it set up just how I wanted, playback through both speakers and headset and the headset mic working well through Windows and Voiceattack without being heard through the playback. Yesterday I changed all the settings to setup up a true microphone and now I can't get the headset to work properly with the same settings I had before.


I can get playback through both speakers and headset but the headset mic seems to have stopped working with Windows. If I choose no playback from the mic I see green bars pop up next to the headset under "recording devices" when I speak, but very little gets picked up by VoiceAttack and Windows speech recognition won't even bother. If I choose to have playback from the headset mic I can hear it fine through the headset and speakers but it is hardly picked up by Windows speech recognition and VoiceAttack can't understand a word I'm saying. Again, this was all working properly prior to changing my settings to get my actual microphone working.


In Windows I have my speakers set to default playback device and stereo mix set to default recording device with listening enabled and playback through the headset. These were the settings when all was working well. I have all mic levels up to 100% (through both Windows and the Corsair Utility Engine) and I've uninstalled and reinstalled the headphone drivers and forced a firmware update through Corsair. Windows says all devices, including headset, are working properly.


So, yeah, I'm at a loss and would appreciate any and all advice. This may have been a confusing post so if I can clarify anything for you then please ask.



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