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Ideal Fan Control????


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I am looking for a fan controller for my system that can take the following fans and control the speeds from the motherboards PWM CPU header.


I would ideally like the control unit hidden in the rear section of my case (750D) and to run automatically once setup. The motherboard has a spare USB header to use if required.


Any and all help and recommendations are very welcome.


Thank you




Fan setup as it is now:

(Motherboard : GA 990FXA UD3 ver4)

(Motherboard fan control set to Auto)


1 x Rear exhaust corsair AF140 3-pin fan.

1 x Bottom intake corsair AF120 white LED 3-pin fan.

Above Two fans connected by a 2-way splitter attached to the motherboards SYS_FAN1 header


2 x Top exhaust corsair SP140 4-pin radiator fans (came with H110iGTX).

Above connected to the water block head unit via the supplied y-splitter


2 x Front intake corsair AF140 white LED 3-pin fans.

Above connected by a 2-way splitter attached to the motherboards 3-pin PWR_FAN header

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Hi Andrew,


The Commander mini is a good solution, works well. I don´t know other product which works reliable like this one (tested some cheaper ones in the past, probes not reliable, fan control fluctuating ...). Another solution can be to change Your 3Pin fans to 4pin fans (all PWM regulated) and connect all to Your cpu cooler connector (only the PWM and Signal wires) using a Molex to PWM converter cable and some 4pin PWM splitters.





With this cable You can connect 5 PWM fans having power supplied through the molex from Your PSU (so Your coolers header is safe, no overload). There are 4x connectors on it with only 3 wires (power, ground, PWM signal) so here You connect Your 4 case fans (must be PWM!) and 1 x connector with all 4 wires (power, ground, tacho signal and PWM signal) here You connect a PWM Y splitter cable. The molex goes to Your PSU and the last one to the CPU cooler fan header (maybe You need to use the corsair Y cable to connect it). This solution "can" cost You less (not much less if You buy 4 new good fans with PWM). Also be prepared to buy some 4pin fan cable extenders. This solution will ensure that all Your fans will spin like Your CPU cooler fans (same PWM control signal) like You set these up in Corsair Link sofware. This is how I have my fans connected (I´m also powering the cooler with another one molex to 4 pin splitter cable through the PSU connector, so my motherboard is totally free from any load, just the signal cable is used to report fan speed to the header - otherwise no boot allowed :) ). This is what I have:


- Corsair H100i GTX + 4x Noctua F12 PWM fans (4 pin) - Push-Pull (front intake)

- 2 x Noctua NF-A14 PWM Fans as bottom intake

- 1 x Noctua NF-A14 PWM Fans as back exhaust

- 2 x Molex to PWM splitters + some PWM fan cable extenders (my case is big)

- all fans regulated through corsair link SW by setting the speed for the radiator fans (as temp of cooler temperature raises, all the fans speeds up according my custom pre-set)


If You would like to go this way, i can create a connection schema for You also. I used this setup due to the fact that I like silent operation. And it is silent really I must say (even at higher cooling needs)



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Thank you Peter.


If You would like to go this way, i can create a connection schema for You also


This would be great :biggrin:


My colour scheme is Black and White so I would be looking for some good white LED fans or fans that will go with the Black White colour scheme.

(3 x 140mm Air Flow fans, 2 x 140mm Static Pressure fans & 1 x 120mm Air Flow fan).


Can you recommend any please.


Thanks for your time and advice Peter,



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Hi Andrew,


So, I have created a schema, I hope it will be readable (have only paint for graphical works on my PC). In Your case Your CPU cooler already has a separate power input (SATA Power connector) which You connect to Your PSU directly. So for You, one SATA to 5xPWM splitter and one standard PWM Y Splitter will do the job (in my country around 10 EUR with VAT).


To FAN type/manufacturer, I´m not a expert on this, I´m using now minimally 8 years ago for all my machines at home and work only Noctua fans (the 8 years old fan still works perfectly). These are expensive, but last forewer (and looks ugly, for me doesn´t matter). You can keep Your original fans of the H110i GTX if Your are ok with their noise (these are 4PIN PWM already). I don´t see any PWM air flow fans available from Corsair ... so ... (Noctua, Fractal Design or a bit cheaper and louder Arctic).



Water block on the schema means everywhere Your CPU cooler radiator! Sorry, my english is not perfect.




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Thank you so much Peter. Will have a better look when I get home on my PC.


I have now looked at the schema and it is very easy to follow.


To use this setup I would need to purchase 3 - 5 new 4-pin PWM 140mm fans (which you have already told me) which could be in the region of about £100 for such fans as Noctua, Fractal Design and Cougar Vortex.

I would need to change the whole colour scheme of my setup which will cost more money and its something I am not keen on doing.


I have a Corsair Commander Mini installed in my system, it controls 6 fans and while you need Link to set it up, I have found that it controls the fans fine without Link, once it's set up.


When I replied to snapper69 about the cost of the mini commander I was seeing prices of £188+ from amazon but on Corsairs site its under £50.


The Commander mini is a good solution, works well. I don´t know other product which works reliable like this one (tested some cheaper ones in the past, probes not reliable, fan control fluctuating ...).


I am now thinking that this could be the best option open to me at the moment due to cost and function.


Another product I was looking at is the NZXT Grid+ v2.........


What do you think Peter?



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Yes, thats right, if You change all fans with expensive ones, than it costs more. In my country the Commander mini costs a bit more, around 100 EUR (can be found sometimes cheaper). If You change fans to some above average ones (Arctic PWM) than You can have still the black/white color (3x140+1x120) for about 40 EUR + 10 EUR splitters, in total 50 EUR (this is around the half of the Commander mini in my country).


- NZXT Grid+ v2 - never tried this one, according reviews available looks ok.

BUT. You already have the 110i GTX which uses the CL to set everything up, would not go for anything else if You can afford the Commander mini. (on NZXT You will need to use another setup SW). You will be satisfied with the Commender mini, I´m sure, and everything controlled through one software. As I don´t know the NZXT product (never have one) I can´t give You another arguments.

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Thanks Peter,


Will be going for the Corsair Commander Mini after new year. I take it that the Commander Mini will control my 3-pin fans and my 4-pin fans together as a mix of PWM and Voltage or will they all be controlled by voltage?


As the commander mini has 6 fin locations will I be connecting all my 6 fans, one in each slot to control or just my 4 case fans?


Merry Christmas



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Hi Andrew,


You are welcome!


Leave Your radiator fans connected to the H110i GTX and connect only Your case fans to the Commander mini (this is how we have it in my brothers PC).

This way it is easy and clear separation of PWM and DC controlled fans (but commander mini should be able to handle all types one time). In brothers PC we are using 2 USB headers from his MB, but the commander mini has in the package a "link cable" which somehow allows interconnection with the CPu cooler also (never tested, tried, checked, but the cable is there) so using this You can spare one USB header of Your board.


Nice thing is, that using the packed probes You can separatelly link the fans, so You can have RPM curves for Your radiator fans (linked to the H110i cooler temperatures) and curves to Your case fans (linked to the probes). My brother has a passive cooler on his VGA card, 2 probes are "installed" in the passive cooler fins, so case fans "venting" air only when it is really needed. Works well.


And, later on, You can add also some nice RGB led stripes, and link color change to heat (example) ... so You will know if something is heating up to much (yes, useful only if You have side window).


Wish You also nice holidays,



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Good Morning Peter,


Sound good to me, Commander Mini for my case fans and keep radiator fans connected to H110i GTX.


Will not be using the thermal probes (may use them later)


Will update after new year when setup.


Thank you again,



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