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Void wireless questions


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I have a few questions about the void wireless.


1. In CUE it states your Battery %, it seems to rapidly drain, and since I'm on my computer more often then I'm off of it I was wondering if it is possible to Charge the headset while using it?


2. When Automatic shutoff is enabled, the headset shuts down after a certain period. Is the only way to turn it back on by holding the power button?


3. Can the Dock be used to dock the charger as well? or only the Dongle.


4. what is the ETA on a full charge using 2.0 or even 3.0 Port?


5. Can the charge wire be used to convert the headset into a wired headset?


6. Can any Micro USB - to - 2.0 USB work with the headset?

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1. Yes, its possible to use the headset while charging. just plug the charging cable in while leaving the dongle plugged in.

2. Yes

3. Its a normal USB port, You can plug anything into it. USB drives, Sync cables, etc. But if you want to continue to use the headset while charging, you will need to connect the dongle or charging cable into a different port.

4. I don't have exact numbers but with the previous headsets e.g. V2000, H2100. it was about 3-4 hours. It may be faster or around the same time.,

5. No

6. Yes, any microUSB cable will work fine.

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