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Corsair RM850i Slight "Electrical" Buzzing Noise


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My RM850i (new, just installed) is working fine however, if I put my ear to the PSU, there is a slight noise. It sounds like electrical buzzing, similar to the sound you can get from a lot of electrical appliances. It is very quiet and inaudible unless I move close to the PSU.


It is not the fan as the fan does not come on (it is only supposed to turn on at high load). It does not sound like a fault - the first RM850i I bought was faulty and I have been given a replacement from the place I bought it (scan.co.uk).


Is this a normal noise? Is it normal for PSU's to make noise like this? I have read that it can happen, but would like some reassurance :)


Thanks :)

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Yes. I'm afraid that's normal in some units.


It's not harmful, but some people find it annoying so we're working on a way to isolate the noise.


Thanks for the reply. Glad to know it's normal! It's not annoying really, I can't hear it unless I take my headphones off and listen for it. It does get a little louder though after playing games. As long as it's normal then I'm happy ha.

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