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H100i GTX Cooler fan flashing red in Link?


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Hey guys,


I've done a little reading, but can't find something that quite matches my scenario.


Brand new machine, just happened to open Corsair Link and notice that the cooler fan is flashing red and showing 0rpm. Is this something I need to do the reg edit for? Or is my cooler borked?


Thanks in advance




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Hi bod,


- make sure You have Your motherboards fan controller set to off or to max speed (Your cooler needs constant 12V input from Your motherboard)

- make sure You have the fans properly connected to the cooler (and no damaged cables, wires, pins) and check of the fans are rotating! (red flashing is shown due to the 0RPM information - same at me with my GTX980Ti when fans turned off due to low temperatures of the VGA card)

- Your CPU (RAD) fans should spin always and your pump should work also always





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Had the same problem and for me it was the bios-setting that solved it.

CPU-fan control was set to "Auto". I changed it to disabled and it worked immediately when i booted into Windows.


My mobo is a Asus Maximus Impact VIII (Z170).

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