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Air 240 and Furyx crossfire?


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Hi all,


I am planning in the next month the build a new rig for me and my girlfriend. We are moving in a tiny small apartment and this is why I turned to chose Corsair's air 240, since it's quite small.


I am not yet sure if I'll go for a liquid cpu cooler with an air cooled gpu or, with the new Fury X, an air cooled cpu and this liquid cooled GPU. Here is the thing: I am not really going to push the cpu hard in overclocking, so the cpu cooling method is not the problem. However, the question comes with the gpu especially for future proofing. I want to know if two Fury X would fit in the case and the radiators attached to the front panel. As for now, the games we play, one Fury x is more than enough, but I want to make sure that in a few years, if needed, we can go crossfire with it.


It seems like one radiator could be attached to the front and one on the top at the opposite of the mobo but it wouldn't be ideal for airflow, so this is why I want to make sur they can fit on the front panel.


Thanks for reading

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I fit two fury x's in the case but it is a pain. And will take some fenaggling. Or whatever. The first card on the bottom slot needs to be mounted in the lower fan 120mm fan slot in the front. The second will be mounted in the top. It's going to come into contact with your motherboard so be super careful. You'll only be able to get the two top screws closest to the water tube screwed in. They should face your ram. You'll need to dang near force this. Wish I was joking but I bent a few fan connectors on the board by accident before I figured out how to get it in. Then I would take the styrofoam in the box and cut it to fit the space between the top of the bottom mounted gpu radiator and the top mounted radiator to take pressure off of the two screws you used to mount the top one. Make sure it'd thin enough of a cut that it's mostly concealed by the case. After that you could just mount the cpu radiator in the other compartment next to the power supply and feed it through a grommet. IT CAN BE DONE.
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