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h100i Q Fan


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Ive got a new pc with a H100I Build in, just looking at keeping the settings the best they can be.


Q Fan was set to Auto for the CPU fan header, this was causing the RPM to not be reported. I believe the Auto was assigning it to DC.


I turned if off after some reading but i never came across a definate answer for Q Fan settings


PWN, Auto or Off?

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Hello TommyKokeshi,


The Q-Fan should be set to "off", to ensure full power to the H100i cooler (pump 12V) coming from the motherboard. The fans should be than controlled by the corsair link SW.


I have H100i GTX, I´m powering the cooler through Molex-4Pin Y splitter, so the cooler has constant 12V from the PSU and to the MB I have only the signal wire and the PWM wire connected. The same I have for the fans on the cooler, I have 12V power from the PSU (same Molex-4Pin Y splitter) for 4 Fans (push-pull) and to the corsair cooler CPU block I have only the signal and PWM wires connected. Works well, no chance to overload the coolers fan controller.


I hope I was able to help,





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