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Changing Mode with Macro


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Hey there, just got my Corsair STRAFE and I really like so far :D


But when I downloaded the CUE software and wanted to dive into setting up all the extra functions on my keyboard I pretty quickly hit a wall.

I know the software is a bit complicated so I hope someone in here can help me.


As the STAFE has no Macro keys I wanted to use the Numbad as a "Macropad" but still wanted to retain its Numpad functionallity, so I thought of this:


  • If NumLock is on, the Numpad is "activated" meaning you can enter numbers ect on it.
  • With the NumLock key turned off, the buttons have the same functions as the Arrow keys and the block of 6 keys above it "Insert, Del, Home, ect"


As I don't use that (why would I? the actual keys for this are right to the left of the numpad), I wanted to have laid Macros onto those keys while the Numpad is "turned off" (NumLock off).


But sadly In can't rebind any underlying function. For example I can rebind the 9 key on the numpad to do something different, but I can't remap the underlying "Page up" key.



So I thought of something different:

I have one "Default" mode, where no keys are remapped, and one "Macro Mode" where the only difference is that now the Numpad keys houses all the Macros I need.

With the NumLock key as the mode-switch key.


Problem is that I can't see to find a setting/way so that when I press the NumLock key it not only switches the mode, but also still deactivates/reactivates the NumLock.


Sure in general this shouldn't be a needed function, as I put a macro on it anyway, so it doesnt matter if the actual function would have been a '9' or a 'Page Up' but I wanted to have my NumLock turned on/off when switching between those two modes to have the NumLock LED at the top right as an indicator whether I'm in or outside my macro-mode


I hope this was somewhat understandable °~°


So, is there any way to get this functionality I described?


Thanks for the help!


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You can use the number lock key as a mode switcher or a number lock, not both at the same time. I would suggest changing the lighting on your number pad to signal that the keyboard is in "macro mode" since CUE does not allow us to control the lock indicator lights. If you want to keep the number lock functionality, you need to move your mode switching to another key.

Hope this helps!

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Trying to develop my first key layout i already encounter this problem...

So Thx Fuzzle.

Indeed a bit strange that this extended software does not include a simple mode settings switch in macro/text/keystroke... action.

That means it's mainly designed to set colors to keys.

Marketing wise if you need macro keys you need, they want you to by the K95 off course, nevertheless, this is indeed a missing feature.

It could take the users that little step further then only the gaming community, but i'll create my own topic for this, i will not hijack yours ;):.


Here is a nice reference if you want to manually edit the keycodes in your file.


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I have found myself in a situation where I'm having to rely on this feature being available, as another feature I would have rather used (set a key to a keystroke and mode switch) is also unavailable.


James, please can we get mode switching as part of a macro???

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Here is the biggest issue I see with what you propose:

A macro that is triggered by a key that includes that key, or the function of that key, creates an unending loop.


Keypress 1 initiates example.macro.




delay 10 ms

Hello every1.

delay 10 ms




See the loop?

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Why not create a duplicate mode in your profile, and have the duplicate with your macro keys on the numpad, then use the "Scroll Lock" key to change modes. This way you can turn it off when you want. And like someone else mentioned you can change the colors of the numpad or even just the scroll lock key so that you know if it's on or off.
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