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Corsair Void with PS4


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I am trying to setup my corsair void wireless with my playstation 4 and i can't get it to output any audio to it or use the microphone from the headset. How do I set it up to do those things? is there a video/article that explains this that I have been unable to find?
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Hi there,


I've managed to get my Void headset working with my PS4.


I don't know whether it's a recent firmware update on either the headset or Playstation console that changed my experience since you posted this a few months ago, but here's how I got it to work with the latest versions:


Firstly, plug the Corsair Void Wireless dongle into your Playstation 4.

Hold the Playstation button on your controller, and go into the Audio setup.

You should see the Corsair Void under available output and input devices for speech, so select it here and modify volume options as you want.

Somewhere, there's an option to output all audio from the playstation out of the headset, unfortunately the volume is low and any incoming voice communications take priority and lower the volume even more, so I wasn't able to get the full experience I was looking for.


I can't give the exact, on-point explanation as I'm currently at work, but I'll post more precise instructions if these aren't thorough enough :) Just send me a PM

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