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Hw to test AX760


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It seems that my AX760 stopped working and I want to test it outside the PC before RMA it. My problem is that I don't know which 2 pins of the 24 fat pins wire I must connect with a paperclip in order to test it be cause all the individual wires are black. In other PSUs usually those 2 pins are green and white if I am not wrong.:confused:


I haven't found this info in the specs nor Internet, is there any picture showing the 2 pins that I have to connect?



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Oops I have seen there is a thread at the top with a picture, so forget my question.


By the way, I will tell you what I have tested:


When I turn on the PSU, it doesn't work. But If I wait for some time, it will start working!! (sometimes it takes 30 seconds, sometimes 4 or 5 minutes).


Does this make any sense? Its the first time I see this in any PSU.


PS: sorry for my bad english.

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