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H100i cracked hose end boots


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Hey everyone


This week I acquired 2 new Corsair products, namely a Strafe RGB (MX Silent) keyboard and also a Graphite 760T to replace my existing 600T as I really liked the 760T and felt like a change.


I took my time and care to disable all components of my system while also cleaning off the accumulated dust. It is then when I discovered that my H100i had cracked hose end boots. I immediately removed the unit in fear of potential liquid leaks and have since resorted to use the stock Intel cooler until I can make sense of the situation.


I have seen some online posts by other H100i owners with the very same issue. Interestingly enough, these posts mainly dated to 2013 which is when I acquired mine originally as well. Does this suggest that historic batches may have had issues with these rubber end boots? Can anyone please shed light on the matter if they know anything? Thanks


PS - Mine looks exactly like this one (image taken from someone else online): http://i.imgur.com/GyY69zi.jpg

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It's possible there was a bad batch, but tracing its path back through all the manufacturing partners down to the entity that creates the rubber tubes and a specific production run would be tedious to say the least, and beyond what you need to do. If you are wondering if you did something wrong, you didn't. The rubber is supposed to rated to a temperature beyond what you can ever create inside the case.


Regardless, it is covered by the warranty and you should start the RMA process if you haven't already. Unfortunately, we have entered the Winter Solstice Recreational Period, where all Bay Area tech companies take three weeks off. Your RMA may be a delayed.

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