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Void worth it?


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Just read these forums for the problems. If you are ok with these problems, than do the purchase. If not - don't.


I have Void USB 7.1, there are problems with it. I can't give them back and get money, but I would do that if I could.


This year there are a lot of problems with the choice of headset. Logitech has driver problems, Void has other problems and not great 7.1, Asus Strix has great sound but terrible microphone and so on... When buying a headset you will have something that you don't like. So decide which problems you want to have :D

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I too have had small issues.. but a ton of them got fixed in the latest firmware if people would just update.


With that said.. for the money, it's a no brainer...

Sound quality is amazing, build quality is amazing, mic sounds a lot better with the latest firmware..


And the battery .. wow! Lasts through those 15 hour days with no issues and about 20% remaining..


Would I have picked the logitech G933 if I had the money , yes, but it's also quite a bit more expensive and a different market... Corsair Void is so much better than the logistics G930...


Would I trade mine back in for the money.. Nope!

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I just got one the other day from Best Buy(90$ for special edition - can't beat that)


And they're comparable to my A50s, but with longer range and battery life - while costing under 50% of the price.


My only complaint were issues updating(had a weird distortion) and the software is still super flakey(used to that from the RGB keyboard)


Overall super happy, they're so comfortable and seem very well constructed.

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