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H100i GTX /win10/Link not show cooler fan speed


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Hi All. Newbie to the forum.


New PC just put together, H100iGTX cooler installed, Win10, and downloaded and installed latest Link software.

Also have HX850i PSU.


In link, everything shows (inc PSU fan/temp), except the cooler Fan speed -which just flashes red.


Under: Options/devices, The cooler shows 1 Pump and 1 Fan. (So I assume the software knows there is a fan attached to the cooler).


I have the two corsair fans connected to the leads from the pump.


Just looking for guidance on how to make link show my cooler fan speed so I can adjust it...

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I have same thing but with my new EVGA 960 gtx ftw gpu. Even do fan won't start till temp reach certain level of heat. Still shows read after my fan starts in GPU is not Corsair link is windows itself might be interrupting some of the sensors from updating temp properly. My advice don't give time for Microsoft and Corsair work out those issues on up coming updates.
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Quick update , reinstall of Link Software and now it appears link shows my cooler pump and fans and I have control.......




Another small weird issue: There is now an additional fan showing from the motherboard 9I assume as you plug the cooler into the CPU fan Conn, and its reporting the speed at twice whatever the cooler fan shows....


If I alter the cooler fan speed profile and the speed adjusts, then the Mobo fan its now reporting also adjusts accordingly......


Id say that link is reporting the correct speed, but the mobo fan is not correct - being twice what it actually is.


Anyone else see this?

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