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Question: Do I need to have CUE running

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Hi all.


Windows 7 Pro 64 bit



Same question as in the title + a few more :)


  • Do I need to have CUE running?
  • Is this a new thing? I seem to remember on my previous system that I could exit CUE and everything would still work as expected of device memory.
  • If I need CUE running in Windows for profiles to work, then why is there a "save to device"-option?


Hoping for feedback/answers.



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save to device keeps a static mode on your keyboard. not a moving one. also yes cue needs to run for profiles to work.


What if the static lighting doesn't work once I exit CUE? CUE indicates that the profile has been saved to device (chip icon), but when I exit CUE the lighting changes, it remains in the same pattern, but the colors change, but it looks like it's trying.


For instance, I have orange on macro keys and numpad, green on letters, red on escape. When I exit CUE the green remains, but the orange becomes a yellow-greenish, the escape red becomes bright orange, and the orange on macrokeys and numpad becomes a sorta white-yellowish color. So the pattern is retained, but the colors corrupt.


Once I restart CUE it all works fine again.


Question really is, is this normal?


There are no macros recorded or anything, it's only the static lighting profile here. In my old computer with same operation system and keyboard, the lighting would save properly to device without needing CUE running.

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That's strange, if you save the static lighting to the device memory it shouldn't change color when you exit CUE. Could you post a video or some screenshots?


Here are some shots. One shot is of the profile that I've saved to device memory (chip icon indicates this)


The other two images show the difference between having CUE running in Windows and not having it running.


Red becomes orange.

Orange becomes yellow.

Purple/Blue becomes almost white.

All M-keys begin to light instead of just the M1.




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Uhm, do you have the 16,8m mode colors option enabled under SETTINGS > PROGRAM ? The one that mentioned FW 1.20 or above is required.


Maybe when CUE is off the keyboard goes back to showing only a 512 colors palette.


Could be. I have only used the standard colors available though, so I haven't gone in to refine the colors via the color wheel or anything. But I'll look into it, thanks. Otherwise I'll just have to live with CUE running, but it's just best practise to minimize running processes.

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