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Mouse Sensitivity Not Static


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I'm using a normal M65 Vengeance mouse. Just until recently I have been experiencing weird mouse sensitivity changes from simple things like:


-Plugging in a USB device

-Restarting my PC


Every time I do one of those, or other things I may not have noted, my mouse sensitivity drops. Oddly enough, nothing changes in the Mouse options in Windows, neither the M65 Mouse Config drivers.


I can easily revert the mouse back to the sensitivity I prefer, just by going into the Windows Mouse Properties, and changing whether or not pointer precision is on, but it is never static, so each time I restart or plug in a USB device, the sensitivity changes, again without even altering DPI in the Corsair Mouse Config or in Mouse Properties. Any help is much appreciated. This problem only started happening until recently and I don't want to have to manually go into Mouse Properties each time my mouse sensitivity spontaneously changes.

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