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Please make this happen Corsair I'm begging you


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Okay so I ran into too many problems trying to make a H100i GTX and two Dominator Airflow Platinums with a Corsair Commander Mini. The problem is you need too many usb 2.0 sockets available.:mad: I really love your products, I've had multiple cases now and my new case is the 750D, and I would be so freakin happy if I could make this setup work in my case. If Corsair could just make a Commander mini that uses 1 usb 3.0 header to install, instead of a 2.0, or even the option of either for people that don't have an extra 3.0 slot on their board. Then provide the capability to hook up multiple light sources(two Dominator Airflow Platinums)on the commander mini hub. It would be a dream come true, and I implore you to make this happen Corsair!!!:eek: I don't even know the full logistics of this being possible, but the ability to hook the H100i into the commander hub instead of a usb 2.0 socket would be very desirable as well:D:
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