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Corsair 730T Replacement Hard Drive Trays?


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I have a Corsair 730T case and I need to buy a couple of extra hard drive cages for my case. But I can't work out which one of these is the correct/current model:






I need to buy some new separate replacement hard drive trays (same as what comes with the kit in the link) because some of mine broke. I have found 2 listings on the Corsair website but I am not sure which is the correct and current model part number for my case:






I am in Australia but it is very hard to find these parts here and I am wondering if I can purchase them directly from the Corsair website?


Thanks :)

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Doesn't look like the webstore ships to AU, sorry.
Na... that can't be it. :^P no way... :p:


I had three of these in my cart to buy and all is well until I get back from the PayPal page. I can not continue. I get a message about no shipping quotes. I need three drive trays for my refurbished case.

Replacement hard drive tray (1 unit) - http://www.corsair.com/en/300r-replacement-hard-drive-tray-1-unit


It should not matter what county I am in. Regular people ship all over the world on Ebay so I am sure an illustrious company like Corsair would be more than happy to ship a little drive tray to Belleville, Illinois. I get stuff all the way from China for next to nothing in shipping cost and time so you tell me how to get my three drive tray then. How bout it?

thanks and blessings


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