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Corsair Link is unable to detect H110i GT


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My RM1000 is detectable in Corsair Link, however the H110i GT is unable to be detected.


Looking at [Link Devices] the H110iGT used to be connected, but no longer is and there will be a ghost HID device is device manager. This is why there is the information in the registry.


Looking at [uSB Bus] Windows failed to read the H110iGT USB ID information.


I expect if you look at device manager there will be a device with a yellow triangle, is so then uninstall it, power the system down for 2 minutes, reboot and see what device manager reports. Is there still a yellow triangle?


I would delete the ghost HID devices, see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/315539 (note doing this on XP and later is much the same)

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