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Corsair H80i GT Pump DOA


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Hello, I was looking for some support/advice. I recently purchased the above water cooling system from an online electronics supplier in the UK - ebuyer. This was on the 11th November 2015.


On receipt of the item, I installed the unit and powered my PC. My PC only operated for approximately 2 minutes before shutting itself down due to high temperatures. As far as I could see, the unit powered correctly - the block connected to the CPU was illuminated white - and the fans spun fine. However, the unit did not seem to be cooling the CPU. I verified this through the BIOS, which showed the CPU temperature rising 1C every second or so. I subsequently uninstalled and reinstalled the unit several times to ensure that this was not due to incorrect installation. I also noted that only one pipe would get fairly hot, with the other remaining at room temperature. The supplied software, for the limited time my PC would operate, showed the pump ran at 0 rpm.


I then contacted the supplier and discussed this with technical support and we agreed that this may be due to the water pump being dead on arrival. The unit was returned to the supplier on the 18th November 2015.


A few days later I received notification the the supplier has returned my unit as-is and rejected the return due to the item being opened/used. As this was agreed to be a possible faulty product, I contacted the supplier and was told that in fact, the unit was rejected from being returned as it was damaged - the precise reasons were that the CPU cooling head had thermal paste on it(the thermal paste that came already applied, with some of my own - due to the unit being uninstalled/reinstalled a few times) and that some of the radiator mesh were slightly bent - I'm guessing due to the radiator unit leaning against the case as I attached the CPU cooling head. They say I have invalidated my warranty and have returned the unit untested. I supply photos of the said 'damage' so that the severity is apparent - which I don't think is a) really damage at all, or b) a cause of the fault or signs of any customer abuse. I have to stress that the metal mesh of the unit is only slightly visibly marked and does not in any way hint the the unit was dropped/abused/suffered any trauma.


However, I am now left with a fairly expensive piece of plastic and metal. I have tried discussing this with the supplier but they refuse to enter into any reasonable discussion.


At this stage, I only want a working unit so if possible can this unit be replaced/repaired under the corsair 5 year warranty?



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Shouldn't be a problem. I don't see any damage that would be considered user damage or cause a refusal on inspection. You may want to clean the thermal paste off the block though.


Request an RMA to replace the cooler. Make sure you upload a picture of the invoice as proof of purchase.



Corsair's warranty policy can be found here;


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