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CUE (v1.13.36): Macro Triggered by UAC, etc.


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The following macro is linked to the M65 RGB sniper button. The sniper button is *not* pressed, yet other applications causing causing a privilege elevation event (UAC) triggers the macro as well as logging into Windows. Corsair Software and Hardware versions, firmware, boot loaders listed at bottom.


Macro (Magnify, Zoom In Start):


0 Press key Gui

1 Press key Keypad_+

2 Release key Keypad_+

3 Pause execution for 150ms

4 Press key Keypad_+

5 Release key Keypad_+

6 Release key Gui



Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit

CUE: v1.13.36

K95 RGB, FW=1.30, BL = 0.09

M65 RGB, FW = 1.19, BL = 0.23



Thank you

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and see whether it will bring up the UAC prompt.


The macro does *not* invoke the UAC prompt, the UAC prompt (event) causes the CUE macro to be triggered (unexpected, and undesirable). In my case the macro "Zoom (Start & In)" is associated with the M65 RGB 'sniper' button.




Macro file attached. Thank you for your valuable information regarding uploading the *.act file (including how to do it). Much appreciated.

All actions.act

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