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Should i be worried? 760T & Fury x


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I have encountered some weird issue's installing the graphics card when building the system.


At first the graphics did not fit fully into the pcie slot.

Only the right side would pop in, the left side would barely fit.

I felt something was blocking it from the left side. :confused::confused:

it just didnt want to push all the way into it.


I'm not entirely sure what was blocking it though..

I had to take the motherboard out first to put it in.

After that installed the motherboard again, and it looked like this.





I eventually pulled it down on the left side, hold it and put the 2 black screws in, since i could not fit it in otherwise. also resulted in bending the metal part of my fury x ( rear ) the part that goes underneath the motherboard or near the motherboard just behind it.


But it all worked fine seems..

Should i reseat the GPU?

Or is it not needed?


Also the gpu used to show up in the bios config, its not anymore.. which is odd aswell.


Fury x seems to be giving me full fps/score on 3DMARK or Heaven..


heres the build completed..



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