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H110i gtx a few inquiries


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Hi all,


I'm looking to replace my nh-d15 with corsair H110i gtx. I do have a few concerns though.


1. If say the pump failed and the tubing leaks within the warranty period and as a result damages the rest of my components, will corsair replace all the damaged components as well?


2. In terms of noise, I'm not really concerned of how much noise my computer makes but it would also be nice if it could stay quiet just like my d15. Its my first time water cooling my system.


3. How are the temps? Is it a big jump from my d15? If the temp drop is 5~10c il strongly consider getting one. But if its very minimal..Maybe il still get it for the sake of aesthetics .


Thank you very much!

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1. Corsair handles claims on an individual basis. No company is going to give out a blanket guarantee for replacement and open themselves up to fraud every time some less than honest person wants a brand new system. Of course, they also have a strong interest in protecting their brand name and do take care of their customers. Pumps fail, water slows, but tubes don't really burst. One of the advantages of a closed loop system is leaks are extremely uncommon. When they do occur, it tends to be a slight moisture build-up at one of the insertions points, not a burst.


2. The noise aspect is a little trickier. At idle, the air cooler is going to be quieter. There is no pump, which as an electrical/mechanical component is always going to have a faint hum, but when the pump is working properly you should have to put your ear against the case to hear it. The pump tends to be the weak link in most of these systems. You can make a pump that is bulletproof and near silent, but it would push the price into the clouds. That option is always available with custom built water systems. Any two fans against the radiator will make slightly more noise than the same two fans against the thicker (but less dense) tower block. These are subtleties, but if you spend a lot of time at desktop levels and the PC is on the desk with you, you may notice.


However, things change when you add load. The air tower fans need to race up and down to keep pace with the load. Even quiet fans tend to be noticeable. The big advantage of water cooling is the fans don't need to keep in step with the CPU. The water does that on its own and the fans aid in removing heat from the water. On my H110, I can throw various amounts of load at my 5820k for hours. The fans will not need to ramp up to handle any of it and can cruise along at 600 rpm all day and night. There are other factors that can affect water temperature (like GPU waste heat), but you will still be better off with the radiator in the roof than with a tower right on top of the GPU.


3. I can't give you data for your hardware, but can offer a parallel. I also own a Dark Rock 3 pro that I use as a back-up. I ran it for one month in the Summer and again this November as an experiment. Idle temperature differences are indecipherable. At load with my 5820k@4.3/1.25v and the cache at 4.0/1.20v, it is a solid 10C difference between peak core temperatures. Besides the numerical data, the core temps have a smoother line over time as the water's ability to remove heat is fairly constant. The air tower has larger spikes and surges as the fans react to increased core temps. Frankly, I have been using water for so long the air tower makes me nervous. I imagine the opposite would be true as well.



There are some differences between the H110iGT and GTX models. They are competing products and not a vertical product arrangement. Both will cool the CPU to same degree and are largely similar, but they are made by two different companies. There are some firmware differences and more obvious aesthetic differences. It's a common question and there are quite a few threads in the forum outlining the differences.

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Thank you! I just read the post from someone who had his h80i tube burst spilling the coolant to most of his components. Looks like its going to take awhile for corsair to do some investigating and maybe replace the damaged parts. I guess with all the risk involve including the time that i may be left with no computer to use, maybe il just stick to aircooling :) still loving other corsair products though.. :)
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