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Where to buy in Australia?

Bruno Louiz

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Hello friends,


I am trying to buy the new model CH-9000119-NA (K70 RGB Brown) in Australia. But is really hard to find. Could you please recommend any good and realiable store there?


I have a friend living there, he will bring to me.


By the way, I am from Brazil. This product has our own Part Number, but not avaiable yet. I don't mind having a NA ANSI keyboard, I just badly want it.


I really appreciate your help because I have 1 month to buy. He is coming in February.


Thank you very much.

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Contact retailers found on Corsair website and retailers local to your friend and see whether they have the keyboard part number in stock or if they can order it in for you.



hello my friend. Yes, I did it. Almost all stores which I've found on Corsair website are totally away from the "gamer rig". I tried to contact come of them by e-mail but no response yet.


Thank you for helping.

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