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Have to replace my processor, and have the H100 over the old one. A quick question...


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Hey guys,


I have the Corsair 330R case and the H100 fan cooling its CPU on my ASUS M5A99X Evo R2.0 motherboard. I need to replace the processor, but am a little nervous about it, as I've never dealt with a water cooled CPU cooler before (a friend put the system together for me) and don't want to mess anything up.


Could you please tell me, in short, what's involved, maybe step by step, if possible, perhaps, in just changing the processor? I don't think I'll have to completely remove the fan and all it's components, but rather, just move it aside so that I can get to the processor underneath without damaging it.


I'm thinking that I just need to loosen the two thumbscrews on the north and south edges, unplug the fans from the cooler's top edge (the edge that's near the top of the case) then just gently lift the fan up and off the processor. Then, I think I would just remove the old processor, and place the new one in, put my little pea sized dot of heat paste onto the bottom of the fan (after cleaning as best I can the old paste from it) and just re-tighten the screws and plug the fans back into the H100 again.


Is this right? Is there maybe a video to show me? Not a video showing me how to install the H100. It's already installed. But rather a video that shows how to replace a processor when you've got the H100 as the cooler.


Or if possible. Is there perhaps a support phone number I can call to have someone walk me through the process?


Sorry for the rambling but I wanted to make sure I asked the question correctly.


I know it's a lot to ask, but I hope you can help me. Thanks very much!

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Sounds about right, It's just basically the reverse of installing the cooler and processor for removal and vice versa.


The QSG can be found here, under the downloads tab.



1. Disconnect the molex, 3-pin and the fans connected to the pump block.

2. Lay the case flat

3. Unscrew the block from the motherboard

4. Clean off the old paste from the CPU (Optional) and H100 block with isopropyl alcohol

5. Remove the old processor and install the new one.

6. Put whatever type of application is recommended by others on the processor.

7. Install the block and connect the cables again.

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