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Input-Lagg with CUE


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i recently bought a K95 keyboard for gaming.

I thought that i can keep my profile's on the Onboard-Memory when i bought it. That it emulates the lighting by himself and does macro's. Atleast that's what is stated on Amazon in the description. Well that's not really true. I can't keep my dynamic lightning and macro's saved then i switch my computer/close CUE. But that's not the hardest problem for me.


I'm a top 100 player from the game "osu!".

It's an asien beat-rythm game.

For those who don't know it:






As you can expect from this video, 5 milliseconds is much for me.

My problem with the keyboard is input-lagg.

As long as the CUE run's, i have input lagg. Around 3-10ms on my Gaming Computer. On my Laptop it's even worse.

That mean's that i can't use dynamic lightning neither macro's.

edit: i should note that the lagg is only then i have many hit's in a short time on the gaming computer


Gaming Computer:


r9 270x

AS Rock Z97 Extreme

8GB Ram


Both run on Windows 7.

My Laptop is by far worse as you can see. But the game and every other mechanical keyboard run's smooth.

I have around 1-3% CPU utilization on the gaming computer.

On the Laptop it's....20%. That's definite to much for a driver in my thoughts.


Is their a way to have dynamic lightning without the CUE/input lagg or should i return the keyboard?


Sorry for my bad english, im from china.

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It's 1ms, the switch is at 1^^... as i said. It happens on my gaming computer only after long stream's. (Many key presses in a row)

I guess that's a problem thst occurs only for osu high end player's. No casual player will ever notice that

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