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H2100 White Noise in Headset


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There are a lot of threads about the mic hissing or crackling, but I can't seem to find any about the speakers in the headset.


My H2100s have a consistent hiss of white noise, its relatively low so I tune it out for the most part. The real problem is when I open certain programs, League of Legends, Steam, Ableton live and even when starting youtube videos, the soft white noise increases in volume to almost the level I would normally play music at. The sound will eventually cut out on some programs but programs like League of Legends, but some, Ableton Live(Regardless of whether or not I've cued up an audio track) will continue until I close the program and leads to horrendous headaches. It's like my headphones are anticipating sound even when the programs are muted in the mixer. The only way to stop the white noise is to mute the headphones in the volume mixer.


Edit: I have tried the front usb 2.0, front usb 3.0, back usb 2.0, back usb 3.0 and now have it plugged into a powered 8-port usb 2.0 hub attached to the back usb 2.0. I have also move the dongle as far from my computer as I can.

Please help, my speakers have too much bass to use in my small apartment and the headaches I get are so bad I have stopped using music production programs all together.

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Make sure in your control panel > Sound > Recording, you don't have one of these objects set to 'listen' as this will cause you white noise while it's set there and the object is inactive. Sounds awkward, but I did this in troubleshooting with a customer once and found that he had a PS3 lined into his pc so his audio would come out of his speakers while playing the PS3 on the pc monitor. The issue had never shown up prior to a headset as the hiss was always so low that his speakers barely produced it.


The solution if this is the problem, is to just only enable that object to 'listen' when your using it. But while it's a shot in the dark you never know, you might be doing something similar and save you a headache of trouble and RMA's that won't fix the problem.

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