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void wireless headset randomly stop working


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Hi as the topic say


I bought the corsair headset void wireless a couple of days ago but


I can play for 4hr (it can be 2min to 8 hr its completely random no error nothing that could tell me its coming too) without any trouble and suddenly the sound goes off, if I open the corsair utility panel I hear the beep in my hs so the hs is still working just no sound coming from my pc.


I have to disable enable put something else as default put the hs back to default turn it off turn it back on, repeat and at some point it start again, its really frustrating.


there's no difference between it fully charge or not, cable plug or not, Ive tried both my usb2 port or usb3, its fully updated, win7 fully updated, tried already uninstalling and install it again, reboot, I really need help anyone got any idea, dont be afraid of giving me hard thing to do I work as IT I just want those hs to work correctly


thanks for any help given


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