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Corsair Link Stoped My PC From Running


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I just spent a Hole Day upgrading my PC to a SSD for all major OS and running systems

Downloaded Corsair Link

It opened up after the download and it turned of my PC and all it dose now is blink all the lights Off & On!!!



Really F...........ING PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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all it dose is BLINK ON & OFF


You need to calm down and say what you have tried.


Have you tried unplugging the system from the mains for 2 minutes?


When happens when you initially plug it in?


When you press the power on button do the fans start to spin?

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i installed a SSD, loaded win 10 onto it, spent the hole day downloading all the drivers for the hardware

downloaded Corsair Link, after the install is just shut off and blinked on n off

throt the SSD was the problem

Reconnected the HDD, same thing, Blink On n Off

just tryed what you just said

Same thing, Blink On N Off

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I know all too well CL has it's issues, but suspect it did not cause your issue and I have never heard of it causing such issues.


What does the EZ Debug LED report?


What I would do is disconnect all the HDDs + SSDs + DVDs from both the PSU and MB. I would also unplug the Corsair USB cables so you just have the GPU + GPU + DIMMs in the motherboard and see if that will post.

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there are no debug flashing lights


you turn the power on and all it dose is Blink On & Off

every light

the GPU lights, all of them, like the dragon

the motherboard lights, all of them

the H110i lights


they all blink on n off, all at the same time with a click sound


so to get this EZ Debug Led its got to turn on

it DON'T TURN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It sounds like you don't see the initial boot screen, and probably can't get into the BIOS. If so, software didn't cause this.


Unplug all hardware except for the CPU, one memory module, the video card, and the PSU. Make sure only the keyboard, mouse and monitor are connected to the backplance of the motherboard. See what happens.

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It dose not boot

Again you push the power button

And it just blinks on off on off on off on off on off

No boot

No bios

No nothig

Just blink on off on off on off on off on off

I unlpugged everything but the motherboard

Blink on off on off on off on off all lights at the same time

This thing has cost me $2500AU and its 2 weeks old

The CPU light blinks with all the other lights

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There's no trubleshoot in the PSU book

The motherboard trubleshoot is just for BIOS, Sound, Net Connection, USB Connection & Monitor ect.

Nothing about it shuting off and blinking on off without booting

Can't find anything on the interwebs about it


PSU test says on the 24 pin plug connect the Green & any Black together and turn it on

That's a bit hard when all the wires on all the cables are Black!

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