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My faulty power supply has been approved to be sent back and replaced, I'm wondering how long I have to send it back 30 days / 60 days ?? as I assume nothing will happen with regard a new one being sent out till 2016 and I'll have to buy another power supply anyway as I won't be without my PC over the Holidays.


Whats the point of giving me a number that's not based in the UK to upgrade the RMA process to express? I'm in the UK NOT the USA! If your going to sell in the UK at least have UK support number! or just stick to selling in the USA.

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All went very well with the RMA of my Corsair CX750 Builder Series power supply Corsair actually replaced it with a

Corsair RM750i free of charge and gave me free postage from the UK to Amsterdam.


First class customer service from Corsair :D:


Thanks for the heads up on Skype which was a call free to Corsair.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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