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Burnt Value Select PC3200 (VS512MB400)


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I recently got a new mobo/processor and a twin pack of 512 sticks.


Chaintech 7NJL3 board with an AthlonXP 3200+.


I first don my antistatic band (nerdy, yes) and install everything to a nonconductive surface to make sure that the board/ram/vid card will play nicely. It does.


I install the drives to see if they'll play nicely. They do.


I go about installing Windows XP.


A reboot or two later, no POST.


I reset. Same thing. Reset again, same thing.


Fearing the worst, I pop the hood of the processor. Thermal glue is on there just fine, along with the shim. So I put it back on.


I popped out both RAM sticks to make sure they were alright.


One was ok, and the other had a blown pin. Also, the pin in the slot that was touching the ram was blown.


I put the good stick back in, and finished my XP install.


I don't know if this was the board's fault, or the RAM's fault. The slot is a little charred where it happened, but otherwise has produced no errors when using another stick of 512 in that slot. The RAM stick, however, smells like pancakes and chlorine, and is hosed.


Can I RMA this as a stand-alone unit and have it replaced? Or would I have to send back both chips?

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Thats what I figured too. I thought some freak accident happened and I put it in backwards or something stupid.


I know the place I got it from will just tell me that it was the RAM's fault and won't RMA the board, and I know that you guys are telling me that its the board's fault and won't RMA the RAM. I don't blame anyone for doing that, since its about impossible to determine what caused it. But still.


What can I do here?

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