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Where is the corsair premium support and product reliability?

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In the previous year I bought a Corsair H80 aio, after six months it failed and I asked an RMA for it.


I received a new H80i GT and now it failed again.

Pump does not start and I cannot use the PC.


For my job I'm always traveling the Italy and holidays are the only moment where I can be at home and use my PC.


This is the second unit that fails after less than a year, now I have no time to wait for the long RMA process and I don't want to pass my holidays without my PC.


For this reason I will buy a third unit.

Unfortunately h80i GT is the only decent 120mm aio that fits my case and that can give me temp under 90c.


I ask to corsair to give me a refund instead of a new unit from RMA.

I can send the broken pump unit back to corsair and show them a proof of a new purchase.

Give me my money back please.


I have no problem in spending another 100€ and throw out my six months unit without RMA it, but this time I will see if corsair as a good support and if it is worth to buy them products.


Waiting for an answer from corsair.

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You should be able to do an Express RMA so you get the new unit and then return the faulty one.


I don't have time for express RMA.

I opened an RMA ticket two days ago, they don't even answered me, with your times I will receive the unit for new year.


Please give me a refund.

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PM me your ticket number and we'll look into it.


this is the second time I had problems with this AIO in less than a year and as I told you I can't wait the entire rma process, can't wait neither the express rma.


Today I bought a fresh new unit and I have my broken pump unit on my table. Please give me a refund and I will send you the broken unit back.


Sent the PM with the invoice of the new unit.

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