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how secure are the short screws without washer on Corsair 750D


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can I use the 8 short screws without the washers to install the H100iGTX on to the 750D?



because, with the washer, it doesn't seem to be catching the radiator. the rubber seems thick.

without the washer, the short screws catches the radiator and pulls it to the 750D case?

will it hold?




also, the tubes coming off the radiator was rubbing on the exhaust fan when the two are left dangling in front of it, so I did this....is this a no-no?






nevermind, much better this way




really need to get some sleep

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I have the same case with the same cooler and never used the washers. Only yhing that get me is that the magnetic screen on top will start to show the lumps from the screw heads. I have my cooler set the way you do also so the hoses are in front of case instead of the rear.
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