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Is my Corsair H100iGTX working correctly?


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In Quiet Mode the pump should be about 1800 RPM which is what I see on my H80iGT and the both the H100iGTX and H110iGTX should be about the same.


I assume you are using CL 3.2.5742 (currently the latest) and if not update CL.


What happenes when you switch between the two modes? How long have you had the H100iGTX and has this ever worked?




Corsair, To me it seems every time I reply to a post with a CL image I see yet more CL bugs. I feel a Corsair need to publish a list of known CL bugs.

  1. Why if my RM PSU Fan flashing red even when the RPM is != zero?
  2. From the SIV image below I can tell that CLCC-I Fan 2 + 5 + 6 are correctly reported by the CLCC firmware as "not connected". Given this CL having them in red and flashing is inappropriate. Is this a recorded issue and does/will CL4 fix this?

We'll probably try to cobble together a hack, but don't get your hopes up.


Will I be able to use any temperature source and a Custom Curve for my H80iGT Pump with the initial CL4 release? Given 2nd party software can do this CL should after 4 months.


On what dates will CL4 be available to external Beta testers and released?





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