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Can't configure anything?


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I have no idea why but nothing I seem to do in the configuration menu changes absolutely anything on what is being displayed for the fan/pump settings. I'm obviously not expecting my case fans to be controlled by Corsair Link as they aren't plugged into it but the 2 fans I'm using on the Radiator should be and are plugged into the pump module, they are also the supplied fans as i haven't switched them out yet.

Not to mention that the pump I don't think has ever changed from the 1890 that it displays no matter what mode/manual settings I apply to that either.


I was going to mention the duplication bug also but I notice that that's quite common just scrolling through the forum.

Is it just me or does the software just seem to not work very well at all? IU mean literally nothing I change on it seems to display any effect.


I have version 3.2.5742 installed and a H80i GT, any help on getting this working would be appreciated! I attatched a screenshot also just displaying the software.


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What group do you have the H80i GT's fans bound to?


I have tried them on several groups and no configuration setting seems to take any effect. The fans do not display their RPM even though I can see them moving on the case, also in case it matters I have both stock fans plugged in and it only shows 1 icon in the software (I assume this is because they are both on the same connection or something to the cooling pump?)

The previous screenshot displays this for you as you can see the cooler fan showed as in group 1. Does putting them in groups change anything? As I have the H80iGT cooler in group 0 and even though i moved it around before it still showed only 1890 always as it's reading.


Currently however, I have the Cooler in group 0 and it as actually displaying what I assume is an accurate reading as the reading is fluctuating. The cooling fans also seem to be displaying an accurate reading. I am completely shocked because this is the first time in almost 2 weeks of using the PC where not only the cooler fan is displaying an accurate reading instead of either showing as 0 or flashing red but also the Cooler Pump has never displayed a value other than 1890 and is now fluctuating a little.


After a litle testing too I tried to vary the fan and pump speeds and while the numbers don't read accurately it does seem to have an effect on the speeds. I've attatched some screenshots displaying the fan and pumps after i changed settings to a minimum of 600 on the fans and to performance mode on the cooler.

Honestly this is the first time i've seen the software working and i stared at it for cumulatively a few hours within the first 4 days. I've checked it almost daily since. Fingers crossed it's actually functioning as intended.


Also I attatched my temperatures to one of the sreenshots as displayed by HWmonitor, reason being I had honestly expected lower temperatures. Right now my CPU is barely being stretched, all I have running is my browser, skype and corsair link. The cores fluctuating between 35-50c has seemed excessive to me since I got it considering it's not really under load. Any ideas/thoughts for that? Should I be turning the pump up to a higher minimum than just leaving it on performance mode default?

I have 2 noctua fans blowing air out the top of the case and 1 pulling in from the front as well as the H80i GT setup in a push/pull configuration.

The CPU has not even been overclocked because of my concern that the temperatures are high.


My basic setup is shown on my profile I also run a 4K monitor if that is of any relevance concerning temperatures. Thanks for the help, if you need anymore details just ask and i'll do my best to get them for you.




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Also as can be seen in the screenshot attatched to this, the fan has since returned to flashing red and displaying 0. The cooler pump has also switched back to only showing a steady 1890 (for reference before i composed my last message i set the minimums on the fan and pump to 800 and 2000 respectively). I have changed no settings since my above post as all I have been doing is composing this message. I guess keeping my fingers crossed didn't help, at least it was working for 10 minutes or it seemed to be...


Again any help you can give me would be apreciated. I just feel like there are so many people complaining about issues with the software. Alone that wouldn't bother me as I just wanted a decent all-in-one cooler, but with quite a few people saying my temperatures seem high as well I can't help but feel like the cooler is not good quality and I'd be better off looking elsewhere for the future.


I've always found Corsair customer support to be fantastic but this product just really has me perplexed and the software has for the most part been completely useless to me in terms of not only configuration but not even showing accurate readings for the hardware.


Also I should mention that I too get the bug where devices such as my GPU fan are duplicated upon restarts in the software/pc. Though honestly that bug doesn't really bother me, I can deal with a little glitch. I just want to be able to configure and monitor the hardware and that which came with the cooler itself.


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