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AX1200i click sound


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So today I heard a strange noise coming from the PC, I had installed new fans and throttled them back so that they only make 600rpm, now the pc is silent :cool:, except for a strange ticking/knocking sound.:confused:

Took al panels of the 900D so I could hear were the sound came from.

It's the AX1200i that is making this sound.:mad:

Never heard this sound before, but now the pc is silent I can hear it and it's every 22 second that it make that sound. I can hear it even when the case is closed. It's a annoying sound and it's not pleasant to hear it every 22 seconds.

What To do. I finally got my PC silent and now have this knocking sound. Even when my old HDD is working I can hear the knocking sound of the AX1200i above the HDD.:mad:

The AX1200i is now 2 Years old.

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This may be the PSU fan checking for obstruction. While this action is normal, it shouldn't be making an audible sound. A temporary solution may be to manually set the fan speed to 40%. Alternatively, you could replace the fan or PSU. It should still be under warranty if you want to replace it.
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