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AX860i Fan Cycles at Idle


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I recently purchased an AX860i. I discovered after a short time that the fan will cycle on and off at an audible level even when the computer is at idle (50-75 watts). I have a Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Mini-ITX Case paired with a i5 6600 at stock and a gtx 970. I have tried both up and down positions of the psu in the case and the results are the same. Setting the fan to 40% manually results in near silent operation, but I'm still disappointed. There are numerous fanless PSUs that would have met my needs. The claims of fanless operation at 20% load are completely false. As was mentioned in other posts, the psu uses a combination of temperature, load, and timing to determine fan speed. However, I can't think of a lower-use scenario in which the psu would actually operate fanlessly for any extended period of time.


Useful info:


1 x 120mm case fan, stock intel fan, stock gpu fan

At idle, PSU temps very slowly rise to around 45C at which point the fan will cycle on and off every 30 seconds

Case temp at idle: ~30C

Ambient temp: ~70F


I'm not sure there's a fix for this besides more transparent advertising. I just wanted to share my experience.

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mini ITX can be a little warm, so the PSU will need to cool it's self down to avoid overheating, so it will aim to run with the fan off, I assume the 1 case fan is an intake? if so there is no where for the warm air to go, so temps will rise, causing the case to spin due to a thermal limit being reached.
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