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K70 RGB typing by itself


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I got my K70 RGB in August of 2015. I really like the way this keyboard feels and how I can adjust its look using CUE.


However, earlier today I turned my computer on and noticed a random stripe of color through my keys. I thought maybe it was a CUE glitch so I updated. Nothing changed. I tried changing the bios number on the keyboard. Nothing changed.


Then I tried typing in a search bar and noticed nothing I type stays in the search bar for more than a second. I used CUE to see if any weird keys had assignments. Everything was looked fine so I then turned on the default key transition color when hit.


My left arrow key was being clicked constantly. I thought it might be stuck so I clicked it. Then in CUE the keys: all the arrows, right shift, right ctrl, delete, home, insert, and = were all being pressed.


I literally cannot type on this keyboard now. Please Help Me if anyone knows how to fix this.

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