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Cooling Node is showing as Lighting Node


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I've got the original link commander with a one cooling node and one lighting node. It's been giving me issues for a while so I stopped using it but today I tried setting it up again. I have moved to Windows 10 since last using it so I've gone through the process of reinstalling the software and getting commander on version 2.0.6 and corsair link on version 3.2.5742. The link software is working and it detects my H100 and lighting node but it shows a second lighting node instead of the cooling node. I also can't see any of my fans or temps sensors I have attached. I moved the cable from the node to another port on the commander and now I show a third lighting node. What's going on here?
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If you move the C-Link cables you need to either unplug the old Commander USB cable or power cycle the system.


I suspect that CL has loaded the Lighting firmware into the Cooler :eek:. Looking at http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=754175 you will see this is not the first time it has screwed up :asskick:.


If you can't work out how to get the right firmware loaded then exit CL, run SIV and post the SIV [uSB Bus] + [Link Devices] + [Link Status] + [Link Update] panel screen shots and see if they conform this and if so I will post a series of steps to get the correct firmware back ;):.

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You did not follow my instructions and failed to exit CL before running SIV. [Link Devices] also told you this. To recover the firmware you will need to do exactly as I specify.


You also ran SIV64X.exe directly from siv.zip rather than extracting the files to C:\Program Files\SIV\ or similar as specified in http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=803961. This is why there are no descriptions on [uSB Bus] and generic ones on [Link Devices]. I have now updated http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=777371 to also specify this.


Use .PNG rather than .BMP files as they will be far smaller (2.14MB -> 60.3KB) and don't include the white area outside the panel.


Doing exactly as follows is what I expect will recover the firmware, though I have not tested this as I don't have a Cooling Node with the Lighting Node firmware.

  1. Setup CL so it does not start when the system boots.
  2. Exit CL
  3. Extract siv.zip to C:\Program Files\SIV\ or similar
  4. Run SIV64X.exe
  5. On [Link Devices] uncheck EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled and press [Restart].
  6. Use REGEDIT to delete SelectiveSuspendEnabled, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153706
  7. Shutdown the system
  8. Unplug the real Lighting Node from the commander
  9. Boot Windows
  10. Copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Link\FirmwareImages\CorsairLinkCoolingFW_1.2.11.s19.gz to CorsairLinkLightingFW_1.2.9.s19.gz
  11. run CL and update the firmware. CL should offer V1.1.9 -> V1.2.9.
  12. exit CL
  13. delete CorsairLinkLightingFW_1.2.9.s19.gz
  14. shutdown the system and connect the lighting node
  15. Boot and run SIV64X.exe
  16. Post [uSB Bus] + [Link Devices] + [Link Status].
  17. Exit SIV and run CL
  18. Does CL now report the cooling node?, post CL screen shots.

In case you don't have CorsairLinkCoolingFW_1.2.11.s19.gz I have attached it. Simply unzip it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Link\FirmwareImages\.







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