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Will all of this work together on link?


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I currently have the Corsair 760t case, h100i GTX, and I just ordered the Corsair RM750i (which has link built in). I also plan to buy the corsair lighting kit.


First off, Will I even be able to run the cooler and PSU on link at the same time? I think all of my USB headers are also already taken. What are my options there?


Secondly, Can the lighting kit hook up to this somehow? Or at that point do I need to buy the corsair link mini?


The idea of being able to monitor and control everything from one program sounds nice, I just have a feeling I'm about to run into problems.


Thanks for any help.

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  1. You will need a CL mini to connect the lighting kit.
  2. You could connect the RM750i via a CL Mini C-Link port.
  3. Many use an NZXT IU01 https://www.nzxt.com/products/iu01-USB-Expansion
  4. CL should be able to report and control all of this at the same time.


Ok, I guess the plan is to get a CL mini and getting everything running through that then.


Thanks for the info and the link to that USB expansion. Will be getting one of those as well!

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