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Void can't update firmware to 37.03


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That should be the dongle.


If you scroll down, there should be another entry for the headset under "Unspecified".


I noticed you also have Razer peripherals connected. I would suggest you try the update on another computer without the Razer software installed or temporarily uninstall the Razer software and see if that helps as in the past it has caused some issues with CUE if i recall correctly.

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Is Windows, drivers for chipset, etc all up to date?


Try this and see if it helps;



You can put the headset into bootloader mode and see if you can flash the firmware.

To put the headset into bootloader mode, Press the volume rocker switch down while connecting the USB cable. When it's in bootloader mode, Windows will see the headset as a Averna AV6302 device.




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