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Scimitar thumb pad stops responding


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Hello everyone.

I seem to be having a random issue where my thumb pad will completely stop responding like all of the keybinds have been removed. The lighting stays on, and if I open CUE when it switches to the random default profile, the lighting changes without issues.


Symptoms are not limited by program. Everything is affected. Also, it is very random. Might see it happen once every few weeks, or twice in a week.


Things I have tried:

Restart CUE

Unplug the mouse and plug it back in to the same port.

Unplug the mouse and plug it back in to a different port.

Stopping Corsair Link.


The only thing that works is a full reboot of the system.



I do not use a multi-color setup for my mouse. All are solid colors with no flashing or fading.


Firmware for mouse: 1.06

CUE: 1.13.36


Any ideas comments would be helpful.

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This is a known issue with the Scimitar. I believe Corsair has already found the cause and is working on a fix, I have no idea when the fix will be out though. I doubt we'll see anything before the new year though.


Post your CUE logs, they might still help Corsair in testing/fixing better the issue. You can find them in CUE > SETTINGS > ASSISTANCE > View Logs.

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