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Corsair 500r + cryorig XF140 fans


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Hello there for once again,


I wanna swap my corsair 500r stock intake fans with the fans that i mention on the threads title.


I checked that 500r supports only 120mm as intakes but also i read the cryorig ones are 140mm but they got 120mm mounting holes.I've not that much of experience so id like to make sure they fit before i make this purchase


Fan link http://www.cryorig.com/xf140.php




Thanks in advance :)

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Based off this picture;



Don't think it won't fit, there isn't enough space for the fans even though it has 120mm fan mounts, it is still 140mm (Length and Height) according to the dimensions and the spacing between the fans is limited.


Yea.I took a look at that picture 2-3 days ago.Seems it wont fit.

Thank you very much for your answer though.I really appreciate it.Apparently i must look out for 120mm standard fans.These 140mm fans would fit any regular 140mm hole?They look enormous

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