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Vengeance M65 mouse stuck on game profile after exiting a game

Royal Hammer

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I'm using Corsair Gaming Software v, m65 firmware version 2.26

-Non RGB (Vengeance) M65

-Windows 10


When I launch a game (example: Fallout 4 or Guild Wars 2), the mouse profile I set up works just fine, but when I exit the game, the profile does not switch back to the default profile. Is there a way to automatically switch to the default profile after exiting a game?



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Oh, did the issue start after updating to Win 10 possibly?


I know that the M65 non-RGB should work on Windows 10 but the software for it is legacy at this point and there won't be any further updates. I do not own it myself but from what I've read the mouse should mostly work with some minor problems.


Maybe the profile switch is one of those little issues that popped up with Win10?

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