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Payment taken - order not verified

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Hello - wondering if anyone has experienced this as it's making me very unhappy with the level of, or rather lack of, communication from Corsair.


On the 7th I ordered an RGB strafe - now, although it does not appear on my bank statement, my available balance has changed by that exact amount so I know they effectively have my money as I can't spend it....


So they have taken payment yet my order is still pending verification - I wouldn't mind waiting a few weeks to take delivery, that's not an issue, what's bugging me is the fact that I have essentially paid for something which is not being progressed AT ALL - it's still stuck on pending verification.


It gets worse - I opened a support ticket for it, including the order number asking for enlightenment or for someone to verify the order.

That was on the 8th - their 2 business day SLA for answering tickets ignored.


So, I tried to call customer service - on hold from the UK.


Well this is no fun - Over £100 spent - no verification that my order will be met, that they have taken payment (but not verified), complete ignorance to tickets raised.


I am on the verge of cancelling my order tomorrow if they havent responded to my ticket (ring them over skype) just because of the lack of response and progress on the order, and getting one from either a local store or competitor - my question is, that money that I guess has been 'put aside' for Corsair, am I going to have issues getting that back, has anyone had experience with this?


I am going to be absolutely livid if the cling onto that too if I decide to go elsewhere.




Just got off the phone with a very nice CS rep - he verified the payment for me, order will ship in a day or two :D

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