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Looking for 750D case front panel clip repair ideas


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I just built my first PC in over 10 years and got the 750D Obsidian case. Love the case, but it came with one issue. One of the two front clips does not clip in, when i push the front panel on, they both click, but only one stays in.


I cant find a way to get into the mechanism to find out what is wrong without doing some serious ..renovating.. to the case, which I plan to avoid. I would prefer to fix it myself, assuming there is a simple solution, so I was wondering if any of you out there have any creative ideas for this?


If not no worries. I'm just trying to avoid going through the hassle of removing everything from the case, packing the case back up, sending it to newegg, and waiting for a replacement while my components just lay around without a home lol



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