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H100i GTX (A Few Issues/Concerns)


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First off I would like to start at what my current PC is using (Just put it together today)


CPU - Intel i5-6600k Skylake

Motherboard - ASUS Maximus VIII Hero

CPU Cooler - Corsair H100i GTX Liquid Cooler

GPU - Nvidia GTX 660 Ti

RAM - G.Skill Ripjaw V DDR4-2400 (8gb x2)

PSU - 550w (upgrading end of January)

Case - NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-Tower



Okay so....like I have read all over the place, I am still not quite figuring out where exactly to plug the Pump into. I have the 2 fans connected to the water block, and the pump is connected into CPU_Fan header currently.




Fans are spinning, Lights are on, it IS working BUT....the RPM reading I am getting is around 800-850 and I am not sure why, I read around that it should be 2000 (give or take)


I haven't done much on my PC yet due to this concern, I didn't want to stress it much if the cooler wasn't functioning properly.


I do have 3 stock case fans as well; one on the front, back, and side -- Front/Back are connected to the 3-pin to molex for the Fan Controller


The side is not connected to that because when I did connect it, the LEDs turned up but fan didn't spin. Side fan is currently connected to CHA_Fan and functioning.


In just a few minutes I will try to upload 2 pics of what I currently see via Corsair Link & AI Suite 3 as far as my fans/temps/etc go








UPDATE: Changed out the pictures for the most recent restart on the PC, so far things have been added to the Corsair Link and the CPU Fan RPM is registering on the AI Suite 3 -- However I still don't know, if that is Fan RPM or Pump RPM (as well as not knowing what RPM range it should be around?)

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Disable fan control in the BIOS and see if that helps or plug the pump into the CPU_OPT port (With fan control disabled) and see if that changes anything.


Is the LINK USB cable connected to the cooler and to a internal USB 2.0 port on the motherboard or port at the back of the motherboard? It doesn't look like the H100i GTX is detected in LINK. Also LINK and AI Suite are known to conflict, so close one of them before running the other.

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Yes the USB is connected to the cooling block and to an INTERNAL USB slot. I am not 100% sure how to completely disable fan control in my BIOS. I did change it from DC to PWM, set it to manual, dragged the dots to max speed and applied. Didn't have any effect though that I saw.


I did use the 2 programs individually, didn't run them together. To be honest other than to maybe check temperatures or set the initial proper speed control I wouldn't use either one of them. So if I am able to uninstall one or both I am not opposed to it. As anytime I open (mostly Corsair Link) for some reason my PC gets extremely sluggish; it's almost like its not freezing but as if it's moving through some thick mud (if that comparison makes sense).


EDIT: Adding picture to show where the Corsair USB cable is plugged into my ASUS Maximus VIII Hero LG1151


Left plugin is my Front Plates plugin for Fan Controller, USB, and mic/headset jacks

Right plugin is from the Corsair water block



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