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Upgrade from TX750 to RM850i OC issues


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Hi. I just recently upgraded my PSU from TX750 to RM850i. I've installed the new PSU with less cables due to the modular setup and lastly the USB CorsairLINK. Downloaded the CorsairLINK software and everything works fine on BIOS optimized defaults but when i load my mild OC in BIOS setting, it wont boot. :(: I always reset to defaults just to boot in Windows OS.


Checked the cables behind the PSU and all seems correct.


Previously my old TX750 has no problems running my 4.2 Ghz OC and running for about 2 years.


My setup:

i5 3570K


G.Skill Trident X 2400 Mhz 8 GB memory

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I think i'm getting good OC now after a CMOS reset... It seems that my motherboard has slight compatibility issues with my RAM. Still stress testing...


I'll try to send an email and post to ASUS forums to check for a compatibility BIOS update on my G.Skill RAM.


Still a mystery for me why upgrading to a better and newer PSU wont load my previous OC save files.

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