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H110i GT loud in performance mode with new fans


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Hello everyone!


I just recently bought a pair of new fans (I don't know if im allowed to mention the brand because of the forum rules.... anyway it's a really famous brand) that are supposed to be pretty qiet. They can maximally reach 2000rpm.


I have my radiator top mounted and I installed the fans on top of the radiator to blow the air out of the case.


Anyway... these new fans are LOUDER in Performance Mode than the Corsair fans that came with the H110i GT .... how is that even possible... what am I doing wrong? These fans I got are supposed to be quieter than the Corsair ones....


As a result I have to use Quiet mode to not go crazy because of the sound. (Sounds like a hairblower with a jet engine in it)


Around 1856-1865 rpm on both fans during Performance Mode so that is almost max rpm of what these fans can do.


Also the pump on H110i GT makes a bit of an annoying sound @ Performance Mode but vanishes in Quiet Mode.


Worth noting: Even balanced mode drives me crazy with these fans. Only Quiet Mode is actually bearable.


I bought these new fans because I wanted to get a quieter experience @ Performance Mode and get rid of that buzzing sound but yeah......


I connected them both directly to the H110i GT pump fan headers btw.


What am I doing wrong?

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Sound can be a little tricky to predict. I assume we are talking about the total spectrum of noise and not a mechanical racket. Also, if we are talking about the fan I think we are, industrial means exactly that. Brand N doesn't mince words. However, I also own the same pair and in the middle to high rpms they have a more pleasing sound that any other 140mm radiator capable fans I own -- even those that run at lower rpms. While that is subjective, there are a few things you can do to alter the pitch.


1) Reinstall the fans as push exhaust (under the radiator blowing air up. Label side against the radiator). Fans are often louder in pull compared to push and it comes down to the individual fan and rad combination as to how it turns out. These fans specifically aren't very pull friendly. It's part of the design. You likely need another set of 8 screws for this. Hardware store 6-32 of appropriate length is fine.


2) If the sound signature is still unfavorable, you can look at using rubber gaskets to move the fan further away from the radiator. That should make the audible noise more diffuse as the blades get a few millimeters more away from fins. Doubles as an anti-vibration mount.


3) And I probably should have lead with this... take manual control over the fans. You don't need 1800 rpm. You likely don't need anything more than 1200 during a stress test. Your specs aren't listed, but unless you are running a 8 core, your total power draw is lower than mine. 1200 is enough. Also, remember the fans remove heat from the water and don't cool the chip directly. You don't need them to keep pace until the water starts to get warmer. See if you can get a custom water curve going that meets your temperature requirements. You may need a separate one for Summer vs Winter since your water baseline will be higher in the hot months.

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Thx for the answer :)


Im gonna try using them as push then. I use the 8 long screws that was for the Corsair fans that came with the cooler, I dunno if that's optimal tho but it stays on the radiator :p


And yeah it's the Industrials iPPC-2000 140mm PWM


You are absolutely right I don't need to run them at 1800rpm.


For a while I was thinking about downgrading to the regular ones that are not iPPC and are quieter but now im not so sure, I should try mounting them as push first and see how it all sounds.


Again thanks for the response :)

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